Wednesday, July 15, 2009

O_O (and staring)

So my intention wasn't to post on stupid random things that happen to me anymore, but I owe a post, and I'm not ready for deep anywhoage.

I've got a question for y'all and a story...of sorts...

Q: Am I a unusual looking person? Or perhaps out of the ordinary?

Its been a problem now for a few months...or maybe longer..that's just when I started to notice.
I'll be walking through the mall, or any other place, and people will STARE AT ME. Now usually this would be a complement for someone, but I'm no fool, and I know I'm not good looking in the least, which leaves me with only a few possible outs.

Story: Today I'm walking through the mall (ttc) minding my own business, humming a tune, carrying a lame chinchilla in a baggy on my arm. Completely harmless. Completely innocent. Completely normal. Right? I began to notice as everyone stared at me walking in the doors. I shrugged it off and continued about my business. But it continued, as I passed, people would turn. I was concerned...I ran through the checklist in my mind:

Boogers hanging from nose - nope
Fly - check
Underwear on the outside - check
Bird poop on the hair - God forbid no
Shoes untied - Nope

I couldn't figure it out. I checked myself in a decidedly grotesque features, besides my normal face (which I'm not ruling out that...just assuming its not THAT weird) as I was about to leave, a group of middle aged people standing in the jewelry shop began POINTING, and STARING, and WHISPERING....I'd had enough. I was going to return the favor. The RETURN STARE TECHNIQUE...always works right? Most of the time anyway...sometimes you get more than you bargained for...and angry boyfriends...
So I end this day still at a loss...what was the cause of this unnatural starage?
Help me out...Red hair isn't that obsolete is it?



Jessica said...

If you really *were* carrying a lame chinchilla, that might be the reason they were staring.


You are an unusual looking person, actually. In a good way. I would say "unique." You look like a Neil. But I see no cause for staring, pointing, whispering, laughing, etc.

Natalie said...

Yeah, I'm not sure about the chinchilla. :D

Other than that, no, you don't look weird, so unless you looked too normal compared to the rest of the people...

Were you wearing something strange?

blackhawk said...

i see people staring at me
all the time theres nothing unsul about me execpt i got red hair maybe they want red hair idk

Allie said...

Were you carrying a lame chinchilla?? 'cause that would explain it. Haha.

That said, I wouldn't consider you looking weird. The red hair stands out, but I wouldn't consider that unusual.

pnthrfan said...

You said "Underwear on the outside - check". Your a good looking guy other than that...maybe that was it. Put your underwear INSIDE your pants and hold your shoulders back proud fella. (The chinchilla in a bag is kind of strange too)